First Presbyterian Church of Jackson
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God is leading us to become a Church of Disciples, in Christ Jesus. As disciples, we go into the community and serve as God's hands, heart, and feet. As disciples, we are guided by sustainable relationships, compassion, empathy, and utilizing our talents. These will be our guiding principles for all church ministries, and decisions.
The First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Ohio was organized on June 12, 1836.  The initial worship services were held in the courthouse.  In 1838 the first building was erected.  For 36 years the church was a missionary charge, without an installed pastor.  In 1887 the old building was torn down and the present building was erected.

The 1940s are considered by some to be the height of the ministry.  The church flourished with close to 600 plus members, services were full, Sunday school and youth groups abounded.

With the retirement of Rev. David Downton the church looked to FPCUSA's program, New Beginnings, for guidance on what the future of the congregation held.  They have walked with faith and guided by God to see where the people of church wanted to go.  Through New Beginnings it was discovered the church wanted to be a disciple church.  Our church wants to walk with God, grow as a church, and most important, we want to go and DO.

Rev. James Shuman ~ Pastor
Melody Morgan ~ Administrative Assistant
Paul Hogue ~ Music Director
Mary Elizabeth Billman ~ Organist

Clerk of Session ~ John Lloyd

Members of Session
2015 ~ John Lloyd, Gary Barraclough, Paul Hogue, Edie Ridgeway
2016 ~ Curt Wiggins, Mary Nutt, Steve Brown
2017 ~ Chuck Shumate, Mike Gambino, John Lewis, Sarah Deaterla

Session Committees
Worship & Music ~ Edie Ridgeway
Christian Education ~ Paul Hogue
Stewardship & Finance ~ Charlie Milliken
Building & Property ~ Mike Gambino
Mission, Outreach & Evangelism ~ Mary Nutt
Personnel ~ Sarah Deaterla

Board of Deacons
2015 ~ Elaine Milliken, Shirley Anderson, Kathy McKinney, Kathy Barraclough
2016 ~ Donna Hogue, Rhea Shupe, Nancy Jolly
2017 ~ Pam Mercer, Kim Lewis, Becky Gambino, Becky Crusan

Deacon Committees
We Are Here ~ Kim Lewis
Shut-ins/Visitation ~ Kathy Barraclough
Casseroles ~ Shirley Anderson
We Care Posters ~ Elaine Milliken
Caring & Sharing (phone tree) ~ Kathy McKinney
Cards ~ Barb Crusan
Hospitality ~ Becky Gambino
Dinners ~ Donna Hogue
Bread/Guest ~ Becky Crusan
Ushers ~ Pam Mercer
Food Pantry ~ Nancy Jolly